Selling or pawning jewelry – it’s easy and discreet!

Would you like to cash in on the current high price of gold and sell jewelry you haven’t worn in ages? We’ll give you the best price for your unused treasures. Stop by for an estimate. Our purchase prices are updated daily and listed in this table.

Or perhaps you have pieces of jewelry that you wouldn’t sell for all the money in the world. Maybe you have a treasured heirloom which has been in your family for generations and is passed on from one generation to the next. Or you cherish certain treasures which you don’t necessarily wear but simply can’t imagine getting rid of.

Yet at the same time, perhaps you’re in a situation where you need fast cash. Who hasn’t been there? Most people would like to avoid going into debt to take out a loan. This is where Lohmann Pawn Shops can help. Our pawn shops specialize in helping clients out of this type of situation, solving the problem quickly and discreetly without checking anyone’s credit record.

It’s easy. Just bring your watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and similar jewelry into one of our shops for a free estimate.

We’ve made pawning items easy, ever since 1890. See for yourself -- give us a call or stop by either of the Lohmann Pawn Shops in Berlin-Charlottenburg or Berlin-Mitte.

If you’d like to know approximately how much we’ll offer for your little treasure in advance, please use our online estimator!

Current price list (in € per gram)

Article Loan value Purchase price
3338 Karat  pro Gramm9,00    15,78    
58514 Karat  pro Gramm19,00    27,96    
75018 Karat  pro Gramm22,00    35,85    
83320 Karat  pro Gramm22,00    41,55    
87521 Karat  pro Gramm24,00    41,83    
900Altgold  pro Gramm25,00    43,02    
900MĂĽnzgold  pro Gramm25,00    44,89    
91622 Karat  pro Gramm26,00    43,79    
917Altgold  pro Gramm26,00    43,84    
917MĂĽnzgold  pro Gramm28,00    45,74    
920MĂĽnzgold  pro Gramm28,00    45,89    
96523 Karat  pro Gramm28,00    46,13    
986Altgold  pro Gramm28,00    47,13    
986MĂĽnzgold  pro Gramm28,00    49,18    
999Altgold  pro Gramm28,00    47,76    
999MĂĽnzgold  pro Gramm28,00    49,83    
999Barrengold  pro Gramm30,00    50,87    
75018 Karat  pro Gramm14,00    17,31    
95023 Karat  pro Gramm18,00    21,93    
999Feinplatin  pro Gramm18,50    23,06    
625Altsilber  pro Gramm1,10    0,29    
800Altsilber  pro Gramm0,17    0,42    
835Altsilber  pro Gramm0,17    0,44    
900Altsilber  pro Gramm0,19    0,44    
900MĂĽnzsilber  pro Gramm0,21    0,47    
925Altsilber  pro Gramm0,24    0,45    
925Schmuck  pro Gramm0,24    0,48    
958Altsilber  pro Gramm0,19    0,47    
958MĂĽnzsilber  pro Gramm0,22    0,50    
999Altsilber  pro Gramm0,21    0,50    
999MĂĽnzsilber  pro Gramm0,24    0,52    
999Schmuck  pro Gramm0,27    0,65